food hub & Community workspace in New Denver, BC, Canada

The Project Concept

The future Fireweed Hub project is a melding of the dreams, ideas and inspiration of many residents who have championed local causes and needs over many years. Decades of discussion, problem solving, and vision sessions have culminated in two strong project concepts — a food centre and a coworking space — that are mutually compatible and that each achieved fundraising success.

Rural folk are accustomed to creatively combining resources, skills, and jobs in order to keep their households intact as well as their communities viable. The Fireweed Hub project is well aligned with how rural communities function best because it combines resources to cover multiple needs in the most efficient way possible. The project will serve many overlapping functions for a broad range of needs:

As they say, not everyone needs to own a post-hole auger. Sure you might love to have one to dig a few new holes for a new deer fence, but do you need to own one? Not at all, and if your neighbour has one in his garage, it would make sense to borrow or hire his for the single weekend that you need it. This is the neighbourly grassroots version of the “sharing economy” that rural people have been participating in for generations. The Fireweed Hub is a way of applying this common-sense approach to workspace needs.

Our mission is to create innovative space for the sharing and collaboration of expertise and resources to promote food security, encourage a diverse and robust rural economy, and enhance community vitality and resilience.

SCS Mission Statement

We look forward to achieving our goals by renovating and revitalizing this prime heritage building to create flexible workspaces that serve both office-style work and food production work. The future Fireweed Hub location will offer a fully equipped commercial kitchen, shared office desks, space for meetings, cold storage, a variety of professional tools, high speed internet and a flexible community venue. Fulfilling the need for well-appointed workspace will bolster the long local tradition of innovation, self-reliance and neighbourly interdependency while also attracting new families to our beautiful area and retaining those who wish to stay.