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  • Permitted!


    Our occupancy permit has finally been approved. Fireweed Hub is now able to commence operations in its beautiful new facility. Our building permit, which has been posted in the window for the past 18 months, is now gone from the window, thrown unceremoniously in the garbage. The Fireweed Hub is a community-oriented venue that provides…

  • Press Release Feb.8/24

    Press Release Feb.8/24

    Behind the construction paper and the window blinds, the Fireweed Hub on Main Street in New Denver has been inching closer to its launch. The interior space is now complete and the commercial kitchen has been installed and certified. Karin Dodds and Hannah Weisbrich-Collier have been hired and will be sharing the position of facility…

  • Final stages

    Final stages

    We had hoped to be operational by the end of 2023, but as the result of a back-ordered nozzle for the fire suppression system, we have had things delayed by several weeks. After that has arrived and is installed, a last few tests and certifications on the commercial kitchen will take place, followed by training…

  • Manager Position

    Manager Position

    Our new facility is downtown New Denver is seeking a part-time manager. For more information, including a detailed job description, please contact . Application deadline is September 29, 2023.

  • Local workers, local wood

    Local workers, local wood

    Laurie and his crew at CDE Enterprises are working away on the finishing details inside the new Fireweed Hub in New Denver. This glorious fir comes from stock he milled himself. Shown is the framing around and above the sliding glass partition that will be installed between the commercial kitchen area and the flex space…

  • Interior finishing

    Interior finishing

    The interior finishing of the new Fireweed Hub is proceeding apace! In the past few weeks the drywall has been installed and mudded, the walls and ceiling painted, and the flooring installed. Now the custom wood trim is being created and installed. The kitchen appliances, chairs and tables are ready and waiting, and Alex and…

  • Update for potential kitchen users

    Update for potential kitchen users

    Although we had optimistically been shooting for a summer opening, we now expect it will be fall before we will be operational. Supply chain issues continue to plague the construction industry, as do difficulties with quickly engaging specialized subcontracting and consulting services. The exterior of the building is nearly complete thanks to all the work…

  • We have doors and windows!

    We have doors and windows!

    The construction crew and subcontractors have been working really hard this past month. Thanks to Jason and Alex and their apprentices for all the plumbing and electrical work. Putting a full commercial kitchen into a heritage building involves immense amounts of retrofitting. We are thankful that despite ongoing supply chain issues, our subcontractors have been…

  • New Fireweed Hub taking shape on New Denver’s main street

    New Fireweed Hub taking shape on New Denver’s main street

    This article was published in the Valley Voice March 23, 2023. Anyone who frequents the downtown core of New Denver will have noticed the extensive construction and renovation project visible from the rear of the Merkley Building, former home of Rory’s on Main and the Village Hearth restaurants. The main floor of the building is…

  • Historic Photos

    Historic Photos

    Courtesy of Rory Pownall and the Silvery Slocan Historical Society