food hub & Community workspace in New Denver, BC, Canada

Our society

Our mission:
to create innovative space for the sharing and collaboration of expertise and resources to promote food security, encourage a diverse and robust rural economy, and  enhance community vitality and resilience.

Silverton cowork society

The Silverton Cowork Society is a non-profit society that was formed in 2018 to facilitate the development and operation of a coworking space in the Slocan Lake area. The SCS previously operated The Lift, a small cowork facility that operated out of temporary spaces in the former Silverton United Church and the Silverton General Store.

The long-term goal of the SCS has grown to encompass both office type work facilities as well as food-related work. With the legal agreements for a dual-purpose permanent location secured in the spring of 2022 in the heart of New Denver, the temporary cowork facility moved into a new location nearby. And with the move came a new name to encompass the wider scope of the vision: Fireweed Hub.

The Silverton Cowork Society Board of Directors is currently comprised of Morgen Bardati, Miranda Hughes, Ellen Kinsel, Robin McNabb, Paula Shandro and Mick Wilson.