Community workspace in New Denver, BC, Canada

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  • We have doors and windows!

    We have doors and windows!

    The construction crew and subcontractors have been working really hard this past month. Thanks to Jason and Alex and their apprentices for all the plumbing and electrical work. Putting a full commercial kitchen into a heritage building involves immense amounts of retrofitting. We are thankful that despite ongoing supply chain issues, our subcontractors have been […]

  • New Fireweed Hub taking shape on New Denver’s main street

    New Fireweed Hub taking shape on New Denver’s main street

    This article was published in the Valley Voice March 23, 2023. Anyone who frequents the downtown core of New Denver will have noticed the extensive construction and renovation project visible from the rear of the Merkley Building, former home of Rory’s on Main and the Village Hearth restaurants. The main floor of the building is […]

  • Historic Photos

    Historic Photos

    Courtesy of Rory Pownall and the Silvery Slocan Historical Society

  • Information and images: site poster

    Information and images: site poster

    This poster is now installed in the window of the Merkley Building to give curious passersby information about the project and mockups of the eventual interior design of the space.

  • Gift cards now available

    Gift cards now available

    Do you love someone who would appreciate a distraction-free day away from home in an efficient and pleasant work environment? Would you feel good contributing to the vibrancy and vision of a non-profit that is working to expand its shared community space in the heart of New Denver? A gift certificate at Fireweed Hub could […]

  • Structural work

    Structural work

    Now that we have our building permit, all the planning and organizing work of the past 24 months is starting to come together in the form of tangible progress. Laurie and crew are working hard. They’ve removed the raised floor area at the back of the building, poured new footings to support the existing floor […]

  • Interior drawings

    Interior drawings

    Project designer Keith Dewey of Zigloo Studio has created two lovely views of the planned interior space.

  • Meeting space

    Meeting space

    There is a clear need for small meeting space in our area, and the current Fireweed Hub is serving well in this respect. There have been five meetings in the space this week, and new inquiries are coming regularly. While the village halls are suitable for large open-house style meetings and events, they are more […]

  • The first lunch

    The first lunch

    If you look carefully you can see our contractors enjoying the first Fireweed Hub lunch in our soon-to-be community kitchen.

  • Site preparation underway

    Site preparation underway

    While awaiting final approval for our building permit, the construction team led by general contractor Laurie Hicks has been delving into some preparation of the site. The lovely heritage building on Main Street has served as a restaurant in the past but the kitchen addition in the back succumbed to a fire in 2017. The […]