Community workspace in New Denver, BC, Canada

Accessing the cowork space

Fireweed Hub is located on Main Street (6th Ave.) in New Denver. From the main flashing light intersection, turn towards the lake. Our building is on the right after the first cross-street.

Once you have requested a booking account you will receive an invitation to register on our Skedda booking platform. (You can view the schedule here even without an account: you just can’t make a booking.)

After you have scheduled your first use of Fireweed, you will receive an email with two access codes. The first is the code for the exterior door, the second is an assigned PIN for the interior smartlock.

General tips:

You will find the current wifi password posted inside the space.

There are some teas provided but no coffee. If bringing your own coffee for the coffee maker, please remember to remove the soggy grounds and dispose of them.

Feel free to turn up the heat and plug in the fridge if you would like. The space warms up pretty quickly if it is chilly. Upon departure please leave the door to the bathroom closed so that the baseboard heater inside will keep the water from freezing. There is a short checklist by the door to remind you what to check before leaving.

You are welcome to use the printer (wifi or USB) for small print jobs. Ditto for using any of the office supplies and tools in the drawer beneath it.

The policies and procedures page has multiple contact people in case of problems, especially in cases where there is more urgency than an email would serve.